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Investment Structure

in the era of the 70 to late 90's, those who lay more familiar with the real sector investments such as property and plantation sectors. But after the monetary crisis hit our country, investors began looking for any kind of investment with huge returns in a short time and this trend started booming financial sector investments.

Real sector investment (eg property) generally requires substantial capital and takes a relatively long time to develop because the amount of capital then liquidity is not as fast as the financial sector.

Take for instance when we buy a house for investment. The surplus value is usually never dropped and always increasing. But on the other hand, after a few years, you want to withdraw your investment, then you should look for someone who has sufficient funds to buy your home value may have gone up tens to hundreds of percent. Looking for buyers as this is not easy, this is where the liquidity problems occur.

As with the financial sector. Investment in this sector have a tendency to return to more liquid and relatively larger, in proportion to the risk. Another plus is the number of investment products offered in this sector.

Then where the position of Forex Trading? He is in the class of the Money Market & Commodity Futures Exchange. Forex trading is an investment in the financial sector are classified as the high risk-high return investment. That is, the opportunity to earn huge profits even be able to reach hundreds of percent per month, but offset by the possibility of large losses if not managed properly.

You need to understand the concept of high risk-high return here. Basically, any type of investment has the possibility of losing money. The amount of potential losses will be proportional to the magnitude of the potential benefits that can be obtained here. The greater the potential benefits to be gained here, the greater the potential losses that could arise and vice versa.

If you are classified as safe investors who do not like risk or 'shocks' in your investment portfolio, it seems kind of forex trading is not a suitable investment for you. This is because forex trading is an investment that has a very rapid movement in liquidity and in price movements. Logically, forex trading can only take you a profit of tens to hundreds of percent in one day but it can also bring you lose the same amount.

If you are a risk taker, then the forex trading is the type of investments that suit you, in a sense to earn huge profits, so he was ready to bear the potential loss of the same magnitude.

So is there any way to minimize potential losses are there? Of course there is! Risk management and analysis capabilities you is the key here. The better you in carrying out risk management and analyze the movement of market prices, the smaller the potential loss that may occur. Everything is proportional.

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