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No one is born into this world by having the ability to invest in themselves. All the ability to invest with birth of the learning process in a consistent and purposeful. The advantage never fell from the sky itself.

Some people open a real account without sufficient practice time just because they make several times their profits in the demo account! We will learn later what it is and why it is important demo account. What is clear, open a real account without practicing with the same good fight without a weapon. Suicide.

To that end, Learn Forex understand the need for an educational module, appropriate and targeted for all beginners in learning about forex trading. It is expected the beginner forex is no longer confused and asked: "where I should start learning forex Me?"

Yes of course the best place for you to learn is in school. We spent almost 1 / 3 the time of our lives by going to school. Now, if there is a school for doctors, engineers, architects, and many more. Then the right school for you and I to learn forex trading Forex yes School. The school is no name. Still generic. We'll just call it the School Learning Forex. Established online by the Foundation (also online) Ha .. ha .. ha .. So far the foundation's Learning Forex is not really. We're just a website. But we believe, through a website we can help many people in the trade. Of course, the website of reliable and serious about the progress of your forex trading.

Ok, enough already proud of him. Regarding cost, the good news Forex School We do not charge at all or free. Say this is a special school, villages Instruction IDT alias, lol. No tens of millions, tens of millions, hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands. FREE!

You also are not obligated to buy anything from Learning Forex. Everything is absolutely free. Yes of course We are invited if you want to buy products or open a real Learning Forex Learning Forex account with. Learn Forex guarantees the money you spend will not come out with useless.
Each module is designed to make ordinary people understand the concept of trading. Starting from the macro picture of the forex investment down to the tiniest detail. Entering a higher level, you will be given a more profound knowledge about the psychology of forex and money management.

Do not disconnect your forex school half way through! Follow along by the order, do not jump around and remain consistent study. Each class had to pass though sometimes tedious.
Ok, here's our forex class division. Classes will be divided into 4 levels.

Sitting Duck, The first level is called Sitting Duck Class. Here you will learn the basics of public investment and little understanding of forex. This class is for you who are still very common in the investment world.

About why we call the "Sitting Duck" (In Indonesian: Soft Target), it is because the newbie is still classified as novice investors who can become an easy target for various types of fraud and market volatility. The forex market is not suitable for the "sitting duck". They are a class of people who see the world of investing solely on the profit without knowing they're in dangerous areas and there are 'predators that lurk'. The danger of market risk and the fact that the world of investing course the same as any other business that is in it there are good people and bad people are looking for potential prey.

The second class is called "Walking Lamb". It is estimated that you can start running again and not sit like a duck (target). Sheep can recognize a wolf and can be away from it toward a safer place. But nevertheless remains a sheep sheep. A sheep that run is still a sheep. Do not have enough ability to avoid enemy terkaman let alone repay. Learn the things that are more advanced about forex here. You have started to enter the forex from the practical and no longer offend the basic concept that actually just enough is known and not needed anymore when you start actively trading.

The next class is called "Running Pig." Yup, pig run. Somewhat vulgar but most forex traders are stuck here. A pig can run fast but difficult to turn and not agile at all in his run. Fast indeed, but do not have enough ability to see what was happening in front of them. Likewise, most traders act like this. They assume to know the theory of this and that and the theory is proven many times in the past, they feel they have found the true key of the actual trading and then into the real trading with mem'babi 'blind. The forex market is full of graves of traders like this.

Well here it is the last class of our forex journey, "Fox Hunting"! No rush but by no means timid. Bold but not reckless. Know when to go and attack, when to get out and when to be quiet and lurk patiently. Not idealistic but realistic. Quick change to follow market movements and make the market cleverly as their quarry. Prey may be dangerous but they have set up all possibilities that could happen, so they deserve to be called fox hunting. Not many people can reach this stage, namely those who trade and gain profit from the market consistently.

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