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Investment Structure

in the era of the 70 to late 90's, those who lay more familiar with the real sector investments such as property and plantation sectors. But after the monetary crisis hit our country, investors began looking for any kind of investment with huge returns in a short time and this trend started booming financial sector investments.

Real sector investment (eg property) generally requires substantial capital and takes a relatively long time to develop because the amount of capital then liquidity is not as fast as the financial sector.

Take for instance when we buy a house for investment. The surplus value is usually never dropped and always increasing. But on the other hand, after a few years, you want to withdraw your investment, then you should look for someone who has sufficient funds to buy your home value may have gone up tens to hundreds of percent. Looking for buyers as this is not easy, this is where the liquidity problems occur.

As with the financial sector. Investment in this sector have a tendency to return to more liquid and relatively larger, in proportion to the risk. Another plus is the number of investment products offered in this sector.

Then where the position of Forex Trading? He is in the class of the Money Market & Commodity Futures Exchange. Forex trading is an investment in the financial sector are classified as the high risk-high return investment. That is, the opportunity to earn huge profits even be able to reach hundreds of percent per month, but offset by the possibility of large losses if not managed properly.

You need to understand the concept of high risk-high return here. Basically, any type of investment has the possibility of losing money. The amount of potential losses will be proportional to the magnitude of the potential benefits that can be obtained here. The greater the potential benefits to be gained here, the greater the potential losses that could arise and vice versa.

If you are classified as safe investors who do not like risk or 'shocks' in your investment portfolio, it seems kind of forex trading is not a suitable investment for you. This is because forex trading is an investment that has a very rapid movement in liquidity and in price movements. Logically, forex trading can only take you a profit of tens to hundreds of percent in one day but it can also bring you lose the same amount.

If you are a risk taker, then the forex trading is the type of investments that suit you, in a sense to earn huge profits, so he was ready to bear the potential loss of the same magnitude.

So is there any way to minimize potential losses are there? Of course there is! Risk management and analysis capabilities you is the key here. The better you in carrying out risk management and analyze the movement of market prices, the smaller the potential loss that may occur. Everything is proportional.


No one is born into this world by having the ability to invest in themselves. All the ability to invest with birth of the learning process in a consistent and purposeful. The advantage never fell from the sky itself.

Some people open a real account without sufficient practice time just because they make several times their profits in the demo account! We will learn later what it is and why it is important demo account. What is clear, open a real account without practicing with the same good fight without a weapon. Suicide.

To that end, Learn Forex understand the need for an educational module, appropriate and targeted for all beginners in learning about forex trading. It is expected the beginner forex is no longer confused and asked: "where I should start learning forex Me?"

Yes of course the best place for you to learn is in school. We spent almost 1 / 3 the time of our lives by going to school. Now, if there is a school for doctors, engineers, architects, and many more. Then the right school for you and I to learn forex trading Forex yes School. The school is no name. Still generic. We'll just call it the School Learning Forex. Established online by the Foundation (also online) Ha .. ha .. ha .. So far the foundation's Learning Forex is not really. We're just a website. But we believe, through a website we can help many people in the trade. Of course, the website of reliable and serious about the progress of your forex trading.

Ok, enough already proud of him. Regarding cost, the good news Forex School We do not charge at all or free. Say this is a special school, villages Instruction IDT alias, lol. No tens of millions, tens of millions, hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands. FREE!

You also are not obligated to buy anything from Learning Forex. Everything is absolutely free. Yes of course We are invited if you want to buy products or open a real Learning Forex Learning Forex account with. Learn Forex guarantees the money you spend will not come out with useless.
Each module is designed to make ordinary people understand the concept of trading. Starting from the macro picture of the forex investment down to the tiniest detail. Entering a higher level, you will be given a more profound knowledge about the psychology of forex and money management.

Do not disconnect your forex school half way through! Follow along by the order, do not jump around and remain consistent study. Each class had to pass though sometimes tedious.
Ok, here's our forex class division. Classes will be divided into 4 levels.

Sitting Duck, The first level is called Sitting Duck Class. Here you will learn the basics of public investment and little understanding of forex. This class is for you who are still very common in the investment world.

About why we call the "Sitting Duck" (In Indonesian: Soft Target), it is because the newbie is still classified as novice investors who can become an easy target for various types of fraud and market volatility. The forex market is not suitable for the "sitting duck". They are a class of people who see the world of investing solely on the profit without knowing they're in dangerous areas and there are 'predators that lurk'. The danger of market risk and the fact that the world of investing course the same as any other business that is in it there are good people and bad people are looking for potential prey.

The second class is called "Walking Lamb". It is estimated that you can start running again and not sit like a duck (target). Sheep can recognize a wolf and can be away from it toward a safer place. But nevertheless remains a sheep sheep. A sheep that run is still a sheep. Do not have enough ability to avoid enemy terkaman let alone repay. Learn the things that are more advanced about forex here. You have started to enter the forex from the practical and no longer offend the basic concept that actually just enough is known and not needed anymore when you start actively trading.

The next class is called "Running Pig." Yup, pig run. Somewhat vulgar but most forex traders are stuck here. A pig can run fast but difficult to turn and not agile at all in his run. Fast indeed, but do not have enough ability to see what was happening in front of them. Likewise, most traders act like this. They assume to know the theory of this and that and the theory is proven many times in the past, they feel they have found the true key of the actual trading and then into the real trading with mem'babi 'blind. The forex market is full of graves of traders like this.

Well here it is the last class of our forex journey, "Fox Hunting"! No rush but by no means timid. Bold but not reckless. Know when to go and attack, when to get out and when to be quiet and lurk patiently. Not idealistic but realistic. Quick change to follow market movements and make the market cleverly as their quarry. Prey may be dangerous but they have set up all possibilities that could happen, so they deserve to be called fox hunting. Not many people can reach this stage, namely those who trade and gain profit from the market consistently.

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Terms in FOREX investment

terms in FOREX investment
is an investment that trade one currency with another currency. Is an abbreviation of Foreign Exhange or foreign currency exchange. If the transaction at the money changer or bank for the sale and purchase between the U.S. dollar with the Euro, it is called Forex transactions 'Spot' (buying and selling occurs in place - the handover occurs at the place). Forex transactions are non-Spot is buying or selling currency contracts, so it is not immediately handing over the goods, only the contract alone.

Lot, Mini Contract and Contract Standard / Regular
If we buy oil, its size is a quart, if the sugar then the size is the kilogram. Lot size is referred to forex. How big does a Lot? If the world shares a Lot = 500 shares, on 1 Lot = 10,000 Forex currency pair, eg, 1 Lot USD / JPY = 10.000USD and 1 Lot of GBP / USD = £ 10,000. 1 Lot size = 10,000 so-called Contract Mini, why it is called the Mini? Since earlier in the forex world it 1 Lot = 100,000 a currency pair (also called the Contract Standard / Regular), then because of the high interest in forex trading then made a mini contract where a Lot = 10,000 currency pair

is guaranteed in forex trading, suppose such Advance purchase of a house. When you submit a down payment on a house for 30 million dollars for a house worth 100 million dollars and we have the contract purchase agreement, legally you are the legal owner of the house although it only holds his contract. This contract you can sell at full price to someone else, for example, to 120 million. You'll get a net profit of 20 million (120 - 100jt). The same is true in forex, which is a contract traded currency, eg USD / JPY then the contract value of 1 lot is $ 10,000, to get it we spend quite a margin (deposit) of USD 100. Why $ 100? This is related to leverage discussed below.

Margin deposited when opening a position and then will be returned when closing the position, just like buying or selling a house earlier. You deposit money when purchasing 30 million and then resold for $ 120 million, when you receive the money 120 million, then we allot 100 million in the first seller and the seller return the down payment (initial capital) for 30jt and we have the money 30 million of initial capital and surplus 20 million.

Is leverage in Forex trading is the ratio to determine how much margin (deposit) is required in the transaction, in which the ratio will be multiplied by the contract size. Example: Leverage 1:200 on a mini contract account is 10,000 then the margins used are (1 / 200) x 10,000 = 50 units of currency traded.

Eg open positions in USD / JPY for 1 lot for a mini contract, then purchased is $ 10,000, the margin required is equal to 1 / 200 x $ 10,000 = USD 50. If trade with GBP / USD then used margin is 50 pounds. For Standard accounts, which is 100,000 contract with 1:100 leverage, so 1 lot USD / JPY = USD 100,000 and the margin required 1 / 200 x $ 100,000 = $ 1,000

is the position in Forex Trading for the Buy and done if the price is expected to rise. In short time buy cheap and sell expensive now, your profit is the difference between the purchase price at the time of resale

is the position in Forex Trading to Sell and done if the price is expected to drop so that when the price goes down you can close your position with a Buy Sell for less. In short such as a consignment, we sell a good price in advance (borrow) and then we buy back when prices are low, the difference to our advantage. Read more in Two Way Opportunity

Order and Position
Orders are orders to buy or sell at a certain price but if the order is delivered it 'match' or 'no rival', for example if you order to buy at 9500 prices and happened to be willing to sell at the same price, then the Position Order. So long as the order has not 'match' then the name remains the order but after the 'match' will now become position. To re-sell your existing position (closed position), it can be done by Order back but with the direction berlawaran (if it is closed with a Buy Sell and vice versa)

Floating Loss / Profit and Realized
When you have a buy position in 9500 and then the price goes down to 9000, so if you calculated the estimated loss is 9000-9500 = -500. But that value can still be changed tomorrow, either increased or decreased to 8700 again rose to 9700. Well, the value of -500 at the moment is called Floating Loss (Loss), if it is positive, for example, the price is now 10,000 being the difference 10000-9500 called Floating Profit = +1000. If you decide to sell / close your positions when the price is 10,000, then the value of +1000 to be Realized Profit (no longer a floating / floating but has become Real / Real)

is rated 1 point up or down price movement. For a mini account, a value of 1 point is $ 1, for the standard account is $ 10.

Technical Analysis
is an analysis in Forex trading to measure the movement of prices through price charts. Things that are noteworthy of these is the trend technical analysis, saturation, support, ressisten, and Pivot Point.

Fundamental Analysis
is an analysis in Forex trading to predict price movements based on fundamental news. Fundamental news here in the form of economic news, needed to pressure political, and security that affect price movement.

is the price limit above which is a psychological price, for example the current (year 2010) dollar exchange rate is 9000 and has the upper price limit (resistance) 10,000 rupiah, which could mean that the dollar exchange rate to prices through the price of 10,000 rupiah then there will likely continue to rise away from the 10,000 but over 10,000 have not touched the price likely will move up and down just under 10,000.

is the lower price limit which is a pair of resistance (above), for example the current (year 2010) dollar exchange rate has a lower price limit (support) Euro 8500, which could mean that the dollar exchange rate to prices down through price of 8500 dollars then there is likely to be keep away from fall 8500 but for 8500 probably has not touched the price will only move up and down over 8500 (support) and below 10,000. (resistance)

Zig Zag
Technical analysis is a tool to know the trend as well as support-ressisten prices.

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Forex vs Other Investment

Here are some of the advantages offered by the forex trading which can not be offered any other investment:

1. Return on Investment highest compared to other investments.
Are there investments that can offer a return to infinity? Forex can do it!

2. High liquidity.
This means you can always buy or sell currency that you want traded and there is no term fail to deliver here. When you take action to buy, there are always others who will sell it to you and vice versa. This occurs because the scope is the world stock forex investment that are connected to each other. Unlike the local bourse (ex: JSE) where the transaction takes place only on the stock is just so it can happen events fail to deliver.

3. Capital required is relatively small.
Indeed, once the required capital can be quite large (up to 100 million). But now with AsiaFxOnline of PT AKKB, capital needed only $ 5 million alone. Compare with other investments such as stocks that require at least $ 20 million of capital or investment real sector which is usually more than USD 50 Million.

4. Hours trading 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.
No word night or day in the world of forex trading. The market lasts for 24 hours a day starting from the Asian to European and American markets. Compare with shares that are only open in office hours or commodity market which is only open in the morning until noon. If you are an office worker, you can trade forex trading at night and does not interfere with your working hours.

5. Anywhere, anytime and anyone can join.
Yes, investments do not recognize caste. Likewise with forex trading. Whoever you are, merchants, workers, a housewife or even once a farmer can join. And more great again with the advancement of the internet, you can trade anywhere without having to go to the relevant stock exchange or call your dealer directly. It definitely saves time and cost you!

6. Investors act actively in the investment.
Unlike other investments where investors can only entrust a third party managed funds (mutual funds, insurance, deposits, etc.), the forex trading is you who decide when and how much you are going to invest to take action to buy or sell. Now your investment depends on yourself and not to others.

7. Real time prices that you can access at any time free of charge.
We think this is enough, no need to explain again. All for free.

8. 1:100 leverage offered.
This means with one part that you remove, you can buy or sell as many as 100 parts. This is the excess of the margin trading where it takes is only guaranteed to buy or sell the required items. In forex trading is implemented with a capital of $ 100 then you can buy the dollar as much as $ 10,000 and also contrary to the selling action. High leverage and low margin can basically increase the benefits or otherwise harm you. Thus you should consider the investment risk and your investment plan.

9. Online reporting and transaction.
It first forex trading is done through telephone and written report of your transactions will be sent via email or even post every month. But now with internet access, and even report any transactions you can you access whenever you want without having to wait for the part of the report to your broker.

10. Security and confidentiality is assured.
Although transactions conducted via the Internet does not mean security and confidentiality of information and funds are not guaranteed. Party broker in the transaction provides data encryption and secure your funds were stored in segregated accounts at the broker if you do it legally.

So now we return you to consider it objectively and customize it with your investment goals. What is clear, BelajarForex there to help you understand this investment and obtain maximum profit from it by providing information and as complete as possible.

Heloo Trader

Haloo... I'm just a trader from indonesia. I'm here, want share about FOREX. You can learn about forex with me. Before we start learning about FOREX, let me introduce my self to you.

My name is Winarno, originaly i'm form west java province, in a small town called KUNINGAN. I'm a college student and still study at Yogyakarta state Univeristy.

Forex is about trading currency. Its very big rolling about money in the world. Forex Trading is a fairly wide field of investment and inexhaustible to be dug. It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step, then first learn the basics of forex trading below and familiarize yourself to the terms of forex, so you more easily understand